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Personalized systems empower leaders to confidently focus resources on the right priorities resulting in healthy and measurable growth.


Gain advocacy from the most important stakeholders by communicating your unique value through engaging stories.

Navigate Ambiguity

Two groups of leaders emerge in crises: Those who build foundations for growth and those without strategy, clarity or perspective.

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The New Zero ™

COVID-19 has created a crisis environment in global economic security and personal safety never encountered by today’s leaders. Neither September 11th nor The Great Recession of 2008 compare in depth or scope. For the first time both the global business landscape and social/societal norms have been forever altered.

A divergence in the timeline history has been established. There will be two groups of leaders emerging after the crisis: Those who proactively took control to build a new foundation of resilience and measurable growth, and those reluctantly dragged into a new business era without plan or clear perspective. 

Only one of these groups will survive and thrive.

Women Who Lead

A lot of women live with this idea that self-sacrificing is what makes them worthy to be in their position, when in reality the more you do for yourself the more you can share with and empower others. After this process with Legacy Mentor I am done allowing my beliefs and my past to hold me back.”

C-Suite client

Women in leadership positions experience unique challenges and opportunities with respect to securing advocacy from stakeholders, both within and outside of their business.

With a client base more than half being women in the C-Suite, in active board positions and founders at hyper-growth companies this program was developed and is constantly updated to serve the changing needs of these leaders.

The full spectrum of the female leadership profile provides women with distinct advantages when building consensus towards accomplishing strategic goals. The systems employed which communicate these advantages while driving results have been tested and validated over time.

“His understanding of what makes a business tick from his Wall Street days certainly helped a great deal, but Damon also had a sensitivity to the unique personalities of business leaders and the challenges we face.”

—Fortune 100 CEO