One on One

Our Method

Proven Over Decades

The Legacy Mentor method utilizes proprietary systems to enhance psychological performance. Combined with validated storytelling  techniques our leaders earn stakeholder engagement while maintaining healthy foundations.

The method is based on four foundational pillars. 

Highly personalized systems empower clients with a process for decision making that is reliable yet flexible to adapt as environments change.


Focus on What Matters Most

Personalized systems empower leaders to confidently focus resources on the right priorities resulting in healthy and measurable growth.

At the core of the program is creating a system for performance to help identify goals which matter most, develop a clear road map to achieve them, be empowered by the techniques that best suit your work and intellectual process, and be held accountable while progressing towards and accomplishing each of the steps.


Inspire Your Stakeholders

I’m always amazed how you have frameworks to make creative chaos organized.” – F500 C-Suite client

Gain advocacy from the most important stakeholders by communicating your unique value through engaging and crystalized communication and thought leadership strategies which are harmonized across different channels.

Know your story, what makes you unique, what special treasure you have to share and identify those who can benefit the most from your treasure.

  1. Turn your STORY into DATA.


  2. Turn your data into a NARRATIVE that supports your vision, directives and values.


  3.  Deliver on your PROMISE to stakeholders with measurable results.

Crisis Leadership

Thrive in Adversity

Two groups of leaders emerge in crises: Those who build foundations of resilience for growth, and those without strategy, clarity or perspective.

A climate of ambiguity exists where new and often conflicting data is being rapidly communicated resulting in decision-making delays with the potential to change the course of your business, industry and environment.

Prioritizing time and resources to focus on what matters most by setting actionable plans with clear metrics designed for agile revision capable of being executed as your available information changes.