About Damon


  • Serial entrepreneur, founder, board member and advisor to multiple international startups and growth-stage firms
  • Speaker for public and private corporate and industry events
  • Corporate coach and mentor for full-spectrum C-suite and executives
  • Contributor & Guest Writer to top business and corporate culture publications
  • Spokesperson/Host: American Express and Discovery Channel show on Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Guest Lecturer: USC, UCLA, NYU, UT-Austin and others
  • Mentor: Top 25 MBA Program

Damon D'Amore is a public speaker, executive mentor and advisor to C-Suite corporate executives and select entrepreneurs, and the founder of Legacy Mentor.

Damon specializes in legacy coaching. By developing custom productivity systems for individuals focusing on their professional and personal development. He enables them to accomplish current goals that ultimately will manifest their legacy.

Damon has more than fourteen years experience working one-on-one with hundreds of the top CEOs, founders and executives in North America including high-profile entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 firms such as Walmart, PepsiCo, DirecTV, NASCAR, Subway and DreamWorks.

Damon has spoken all over America and featured in Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Investors Business Daily, CEO.com, Yahoo! Finance, CEOBlogNation, appeared on Fox News prime time, Wharton Business Radio, multiple SiriusXM Radio shows and other leading business publications, podcasts and media outlets.

A serial entrepreneur, founder, board member and advisor to multiple international companies, Damon has founded multiple startups, both raising millions in investment capital and bootstrapping companies from zero to more than a $1 million run rate in less than three months.

Damon also serves as a mentor and guest-lecturer to Top 25 MBA programs such as USC, NYU and Columbia, and acted as spokesperson and host for an American Express and Discovery Channel show promoting entrepreneurship.

Prior to his work in startups and venture capital Damon enjoyed long careers in the media and entertainment sectors managing large branded marketing initiatives and producing some of the highest-rated television programs in America including Undercover Boss and The Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Damon began his career in global finance building internal technology platforms and trading bond and derivative products for the market leading firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

A full list of professional accomplishments can be seen on his LinkedIn profile.

Visit Damon's personal blog at www.damondamore.com.

Follow Damon on Twitter at @thelegacymentor.