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The New Zero ™

Thoughtful Crisis Leadership Beyond COVID

COVID has created a crisis environment in global economic security and personal safety never encountered by today’s leaders.
Neither September 11th nor The Great Recession of 2008 compare in depth or scope. For the first time both the global business landscape and social/societal norms have been forever altered.
There will be two groups of leaders emerging after the crisis: Those who proactively took control to build a new foundation of resilience and measurable growth, and those reluctantly dragged into a new business era without plan or clear perspective. Only one of these groups will survive and thrive.
Discussion highlights include:








Establish Your Legacy

Benefit from the lessons of someone who has worked thousands of hours directly with, advised, coached and mentored some of the highest performing corporate executives, entrepreneurs and change-makers in their respective fields.

Even the highest performing CEOs with a clear long-term vision of the legacy they desire to leave behind – the impact ultimately made on their business, community and the people most important in life – get overwhelmed with commitments that distract and ultimately endanger the prospect of achieving those goals.

From Wall Street to Hollywood to the board rooms of Fortune 100 firms the techniques and processes Damon employs are not academic – they have been tested and validated in action at the highest levels of industry.

Applying the Lessons of Entrepreneurship to Corporate Innovation

“Damon D’Amore has demonstrated his talent as an innovator and entrepreneur.” – Entrepreneur Magazine

Having founded multiple startups in a range of traditional and technology verticals, Damon shares the most valuable lessons he has learned and the systems to implement them to give corporate innovation teams and cultural leaders the same advantages as the ever-expanding, more agile startups in their category.

From C-Suite executives to team leaders and operators, there are many actionable initiatives companies can begin implementing immediately to both realize and monetize his unique knowledge base.

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“Damon delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in the seven year history of our conference. His command of subject matter combined with the effort to customize his speech to our audience made him relatable and able to deliver real value that our attendees could apply to their businesses.”
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Full Media Bio

Damon D’Amore is a public speaker, executive mentor and advisor to C-Suite leaders and select executives and entrepreneurs. Half of his clients are female leaders in the C-Suite.

He has more than twenty years’ experience working one on one with hundreds of top CEOs, founders, and executives at Fortune 100 to 1000 firms, such as Walmart, PepsiCo, DirecTV, NASCAR, P&G, Adobe, Subway, Choice Hotels, Chiquita, and Best Buy.

Damon founded multiple companies as an entrepreneur and currently is an active board member and advisor to multiple
international companies.

An international keynote speaker Damon has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Investors Business Daily, CEO.com, Yahoo! Finance, CEOBlogNation, appeared on Fox News prime time, Wharton Business Radio, multiple SiriusXM Radio shows and other leading business publications, podcasts and media outlets.

Damon also serves as a mentor and guest-lecturer to Top 25 MBA programs such as USC, NYU and Columbia, and acted as spokesperson and host for an American Express and Discovery Channel show promoting entrepreneurship.

Prior to his work in startups and venture capital Damon enjoyed long careers in the media and entertainment sectors managing large branded marketing initiatives and producing some of the highest-rated television programs in America including Undercover Boss and The Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Damon began his career in global finance building internal technology platforms and trading bond and derivative products for the market leading firm Cantor Fitzgerald.

A full list of professional accomplishments can be seen on his LinkedIn profile.

Visit Damon’s personal blog at www.damondamore.com.

Follow Damon on Instagram at @legacymentorofficial

Short Media Bio

Damon D’Amore speaks from three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, media, marketing, finance and executive coaching. His unique perspective working with the top firms in each space and engaging one-on-one with their top executives on a global level is the foundation for his executive mentorship and coaching firm Legacy Mentor. 

Half of his clients are female leaders in the C-Suite.

In addition to his coaching and thought leadership work Damon speaks for corporate audiences, advises and sits on the boards of multiple international startups, is a contributor and guest-blogger to top-rated publications and guest lectures at top academic institutions such as USC, NYU and UCLA.