30 years ago today I started my first day on Wall Street at Cantor, on the 105th floor of One World Trade Center.

Off-the-rack Sears suit and tie, buzz cut and a copy of the WSJ, The Economist and The Prince in my bag.

What I thought was the beginning of a lifelong career would only be the first of four. But looking backwards all of the dots connected. None of the other three careers and lifeline moments and lessons would have been possible without taking the leap against everyone’s advice to stop attending college full-time and start working where I saw myself belonging.

Over the next 5 years, so many life and work lessons, incredible experiences balling out with a Green Genie in the 90’s heyday of the 212 and in London. So many friends and mentors are gone but the memories and lessons remain.

> Take a risk, be somebody.  If it’s a real risk you’ll never regret it – the lessons are always more valuable than the pain.

> At least once in your life have a job where you live and die by the sword, disappointing your true peers hurts like hell and your right to show up the next day at your desk is based on merit not quotas or future expectations or nepotism.

> Know when you’re pushing too hard, making sacrifices and trade offs because it’s a discipline and know when it’s for the wrong reasons and time to own your shit and move on.

> Everyone regardless of their personality, background, or appearance has the capacity to be a complete BEAST when they are pushed beyond their limits and growing into their actualized self with newly defined and expanded limits.

> Practical experience trumps academic experience in any role that really matters.

> The biggest issue with people who are inept is they need to be told they are inept.

> Don’t hate the game. Learn to love the game because you’re f@cking in it every day.

#stayzero 👊

Original post September 7, 2023 at https://www.linkedin.com/in/damondamore/