I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Thinking about gratitude on the holiday led me to think of my personal mastermind group.

Keep your network large but your squad small.

I’ve been fortunate to be in the same mastermind going on 13 years now. I had to apply twice but meeting this crew and every other member over the years (at our largest we were 19 guys and gals now down to 4).

Our group format is based on a combination of the Napoleon Hill mastermind concept from his book Think And Grow Rich and the YPO forum format.

We still meet monthly (now weekly since it’s pandemic zoom) with respect love and strict accountability to each other.

Through two marriages and multiple businesses its been invaluable to have folks to be completely transparent and vulnerable with. The entrepreneurs journey is brutal in business and personal relationships, health, wellness and at times, drastic changes in lifestyle.

I’m a massive fan of the mastermind format when it’s done right. Peer mentor groups can be your raft when you’re holding onto that volleyball in the storm at sea and also incredibly fulfilling to share your personal and professional successes with because they are usually the only ones who know what you went through to get there, more than your biz partner or your spouse or your shrink.

If you’re on the path and feeling off I suggest finding a great peer mentor group. Be brutal in your evaluation of who you will spend this time with. It’s worth it to find the right squad.

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