I’ve been a hip hop fan since I stood in line in Jersey at age 8 way back in 1979 to buy the first wide-release record.

I’m also a big fan of studying experts, visionaries and trendsetters in all fields, not just those directly in my professional category.

Rakim has a legitimate claim to the title of “The Greatest Lyricist of All Time” on the cover of his new autobiography, Sweat The Technique. Unlike most hip hop autobiographies it is light on the “street” and “underbelly” side of the business and deep on the personal and professional development side of the business. This book is a look inside the emotional and mental process of a true expert at his craft and there are many lessons transferable to any and all other professional and creative endeavors.

As you can see in my handwritten book notes below (I take visual notes in the form of mind maps) there are four main areas Rakim goes deep on: Writing/Creative Process, Inspiration, Finding Your Path, and Consciousness as a development and execution resource.  My notes on each section are as follows:

Writing / The Creative Process


Find Your Path


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