I love the 1:1 coaching I do and it’s mainly for two types of clients – venture-backed startups or corporate C-Suite on the personal performance side. I have hosted a few successful one-off group events in LA after which – and always after a podcast interview or speech – I get asked to start a group coaching program for folks who don’t fit into my traditional 1:1 client demo. These would be earlier-stage founders, aspirational entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I have both led and been a member of a successful small and exclusive mastermind for the past 12 years so I decided to take that format – very small, lots of personal attention for members and direct communication – and launch an online mastermind. The details are on the site and with only 12 spaces we are aiming to have applications accepted in the next 2 weeks and start the class this Fall.

I am excited to work with and meet founders and business-owners that will add value to the group. Please check out the new site below and if you’re a pal or past client who has worked with me and knows the value and quality of results, please share with your network.


Thank you, and see you in the Zoom 🙂