I was honored to have hosted a 5-episode series on entrepreneurship for The Discovery Channel and AMEX, each is embedded below.

Following that series are various podcast appearances and three interviews; one short-form regarding my views on entrepreneurship; another short-form on motivation; and one long-form detailing my journey from Wall Street through Hollywood then to founding multiple startups.

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Damon delivered one of the most talked-about sessions in the seven year history of our conference. His command of subject matter combined with the effort to customize his speech to our audience made him relatable and able to deliver real value that our attendees could apply to their businesses.

Damon D'Amore Short Bio

Damon D'Amore speaks from three decades of experience in entrepreneurship, media, marketing, finance and executive coaching. His unique perspective working with the top firms in each space and engaging one-on-one with their top executives on a global level is the foundation for his executive mentorship and coaching firm Legacy Mentor.

In addition to his coaching and thought leadership work Damon speaks for corporate audiences, advises and sits on the boards of multiple international startups, is a contributor and guest-blogger to top-rated publications and guest lectures at top academic institutions such as USC, NYU and UCLA.

Damon D'Amore
Founder, Legacy Mentor