Executive Coaching and Mentoring


Our traditional C-Suite Mentoring Program overview:

Elite Executive Mentoring and Personalized Performance Systems for Corporate C-Suite Executives
and Founding Teams Positioned for Hyper Growth

Legacy Mentor specializes working with two distinct types of leaders: C-Suite executives and founding teams.

What is the most important thing you want to accomplish?

Even those of us with a clear long-term vision of the legacy we desire to leave behind - the impact we will ultimately make on our business, community and the people most important to us - get overwhelmed with commitments that distract and ultimately endanger the prospect of achieving those goals.

By creating a personal System for Performance you will learn to identify what your legacy goals truly are, develop a clear road map for how to get there from where you are today, be empowered by the techniques that best suit your work and intellectual process, and be held accountable while progressing towards and accomplishing each of the steps on your path.

Real world experience.  Real world tools. Producing real results.

If you are results-oriented and serious about accomplishing your goals contact us to determine if you are a candidate for our services then apply for mentorship.